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In its effort to achieve a fair society fully inclusive of immigrants, CHIRLA uses film as an innovative know-your-rights tool to show the humanity of immigrant stories. Through short and feature-length films, CHIRLA dramatizes these stories that, though fictional, are drawn from real cases.

These movies allow audiences, especially those not familiar with immigrants, to engage with our strife, our joys and our fears, and to perhaps understand our struggle. They are a unique way that CHIRLA helps build the immigrant rights movement, from within but also among allies.

America's Family, CHIRLA’s first feature-length film, is a production in partnership with artists, activists and community members that brings to life immigrant struggles by telling the story of one family and the five separate fates of its members after a Thanksgiving ICE raid tears them apart.






America’s Family is a community effort from beginning to end, at every level. The story comes from the movement. The actors come from the community. And the producers are all of us.

You can help make it happen by pitching in to the crowd-funding campaign for America’s Family. It takes all of us for this project to take off, and we can all take ownership. Join us and help tell the story of immigrants in a brand new way. Be part of the movie. Be part of the movement.