Countdown to Citizenship - Caravan to Bakersfield & Other Events

California Countdown to Citizenship
How you can get the House of Representatives to Move on Immigration Reform

Two-months of actions to press the House of Representatives to deliver a comprehensive immigration reform
bill with a path to citizenship by September 30, 2013.  Will you join us?

Conteo Regresivo para lograr una Reforma Migratoria
Juntos podremos convencer a la Cámara Baja de que voten antes del fin de 2013

Este mes de agosto y septiembre, California se mobilizará para lograr presionar a los legisladores en el Congreso de que una reforma migratoria con via a la ciudadanía es lo correcto y es bueno para el país.  ¿Nos acompáña?


  • August 1:
Washington, DC actions in support of immigration reform in DC (major movement leaders participate).  Mid-day action and afternoon action. Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM).
  • August 6:
Campaign launch.  Press conference.  Los Angeles, 9:30 a.m.  Contact CHIRLA to join or volunteer!
  •  August 11:
PICO California launches 22 days of Pilgrimage, 11 people travel thousands of miles throughout the State in support of immigration reform.  Visit PICO California to learn more.








Caravan for Citizenship

  • August 14

o   Theme for day is “The Road to Citizenship Goes Through Bakersfield

o    Los Angeles “send-off” - 200-car caravan starts off at Dodger Stadium parking lot 13 (entrance through Stadium Way), drives through major thoroughfares in Los Angeles, visits two Congress Representatives, and heads on the 5 Freeway to Bakersfield.   Are you part of the caravan?  Want to include your car?  SIGN UP HERE!

Goal is to have 1,100 cars join the caravan in Bakersfield.  The total represents the number of immigrants deported on a daily basis.

o   The Caravan "All Roads to Citizenship Go to Bakersfield" arrives through downtown Bakersfield and head to rally at Yokuts Park  

o   Rally outside Congressman  McCarthy’s office.  1 p.m.

o   Join the Caravan:  Small and large caravans can sign up their cities on line, print posters to attach to cars, read guidelines to help them conduct legislative visits.  SIGN UP HERE!


















  • August 15
DACA anniversary, press event and “Lighting the Torch for Family Unity” relay, Los Angeles, 10 am.  Student-led action, delivers “Family Unity Trophy” to Congress representatives in support of immigration reform with a path to citizenship.
  • August 17
Deferred Action community townhall, San Bernardino, 10 a.m. San Bernardino
  • August 29, 30, & 31
CDN and CHIRLA member summit. Bakersfield.  400 students, families, farmworkers, daylaborers expected.  Sing Up to Attend Summit!










  • August 22
Immigration Reform tonwhall with Rep. Issa (invited).  Santa Ana, 4 pm - 6 pm.







  • August 24
Citizenship Fair in Orange County with Rep. Royce and Rep. Campbell (invited).








♦  September 2 – Labor Day Actions – TBD.

♦  September 7, 8 – AFL/CIO Convention in Los Angeles.  Actions.  TBD.

♦  September 12 – Immigration Reform actions similar to August 1, Washington, DC.

♦  September 9 – 28th – Variety of actions focusing on Members of Congress

♦  September 29 – Immigration reform vigil, Los Angeles.  Starts at 12 noon.

♦  September 30 – deadline for House to vote on immigration reform with a path to citizenship bill.


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